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Chat GPT - Unoriginal, Yet Inspired

The ramifications for the entry of Powerful AI into mass market was never going to be smooth sailing. We are talking about computer intelligence at it's peak, and while there are many opportunities for marketers out there in the sentient world of Chat GPT, originality is a clear miss.

By design, Chat GPT and other AI's are built to learn from data and improvise answers based on existing knowledge. It cannot replace human creativity, and even cases of it replicating lyrics in new styles of popular artists are only a regurgitation of the existing, albeit in a very impressive manner! Human creativity is governed by laws, in particular copyright and intellectual property laws. So before you think of using AI to power your ideas, know that it can turn messy really quickly (Think of what the music artists would do if all they were made to do was serve AI with enough data for it to create songs on their behalf!)

We do not want a world, however Matrix-like, that is us serving AI. We want AI to serve us, and in ways that are helpful, legal and mutually beneficial. So while we humans have long sought technology to inspire us, we have always maintained its utilitarian nature in getting our creativity to materialise. So before your inner evil genius decides to master AI, know that it is sentient its application and output are still being studied. It is all well and good to release a technology, open source and mass market it, but even the most seasoned digital marketer would caution you before AI. This brings into question the laws that already hot topics which relate to AI and what responsible use of AI like Chat GPT ought to be. While we figure this one out, you can take a back seat and just learn the limitations of this new technology, or wait for the enamour to fade naturally. The choice is yours. Red pill, Blue pill, anyone?

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